Gail Shaw had a lightbulb moment whilst watching a group of people having lunch. Gail noticed they were struggling to tuck napkins into their tops or shirts and napkins placed on their laps always fell to the floor. Gail thought “why can’t they just stick?” This would solve a problem experienced across the globe.


Applied for the 1st patent to secure the concept – Patent granted


Secured new adhesive partners Bostik/Arkema. Bostik start prototyping new adhesive and developed the Gantik® adhesive exclusively used in our Gantik® process.


Second patent to protect and secure the process and method (Patent Pending) – Gantik®  trademark registered


Machine manufacturing partner, 9 Septembar, completes scalable machines which manufacture to the Patented Gantik® system.


Gantik® launches at Tissue World Milan 2019. Production in North America

Gantik® comprises a team of industrial and technology experts brought together to deliver Gantik® globally. Over the last 20 years, the team has delivered patent backed disruptive technology in numerous sectors from consumer electronics to industrial applications. The team includes senior executives with long standing histories in Paper & Packaging, Adhesive and Manufacturing industries.


9 Septembar has become a leader of innovation and quality in business of producing Tissue Converting Machines for production of Napkins, Printed Napkins, Handkerchiefs, Printed Handkerchiefs, Dental bibs, couch rolls for Beauty and medical, Disposable table cloth covers, placemats to name only a few. 9 Septembar have produced the latest generation of machinery with unparalleled innovation,reliability and durability.

  • A leading manufacturer in the paper industry
  • Internationally renowned
  • Trusted by largest paper manufacturers
  • Over 400 machines sold worldwide
  • Machines delivered in over 40 countries