Gantik® Technology. Your Safety, Our Priority


Gantik® has a multi-layer patented process that applies adhesive directly to the product or surface without the use of removable membranes such as silicone.

  • Simply, Adhesive surface sticks to adhesive or paper surface and the adhesive activates when the sides are separated
  • The benefits of using Gantik® technology include ease of use for the end user, easy to customise, Prop65 Certification along with Food Contact (EU 10/2011) and reduces production costs.

We are in partnership with a global leading manufacturer that have developed a machine that applies the technology at scale

The machine has the the ability to satisfy multiple applications such as:

  • Dental, Medical and Baby Bibs
  • Surgical Applications
  • Branded Leisure applications

The applications have also been developed with leading end users (including multi-national restaurants and medical providers)

The animation video to the right shows you how the technology works and how easily it can be applied


Gantik® adhesive has been developed in conjunction with Arkema/Bostik, one of the world’s most sophisticated producers of Adhesives. Gantik® adhesive is exclusive to Gant Innovations Ltd. and its licensees.

Gantik® adhesive is Food contact (EU 10/2011) & Prop65 certified. It leaves no residue on clothes, skin or surfaces, and does not irritate the skin on interaction. Gantik™ adhesive comes in various strengths depending on the application and purpose.

Our technology has eradicated the use of silicone tabs and strips as the adhesive activates when unfolded or opened, offering a more cost effective and eco friendly solution.


Our production partners, 9 Septembar, have worked exclusively with Gantik® to develop the machines that create all our products in our multi-market sectors.

They are leading designers and engineers of bespoke systems and trusted by some of the world’s leading paper manufacturers. Our machines create a full end to end service from unwinders to Gantik® application and smart packaging.

The video shows our Gantik® machine in action

Our machines are fully equipped for an end to end service. Our machines come with the following:

  • Printing section
  • Hot embossing section
  • Gantik® application section
  • Perforation (wave or neck cut)
  • Automatic re-winding
  • Automatic wrapping and labelling
  • Output to correct delivery

These machines produce Gantik® products at highly efficient speeds.

Our video shows each part step by step to give you insight into the process from start to finish.