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Covid-19 Epedemic

Let us help you, help protect those in need..

Our Licensee in USA has modified one of their current Gantik™ Technology product to help with the current Corona virus / Cover-19 – Helping to protect those that protect us.

Using this product will result in:

▪️Protects ears, face, face masks and clothing from direct fluid contact areas, that masks and shield do not.

▪️Fits comfortably over masks and shields. Self-adhesive arms wrap behind your head to gently hold it in place.

▪️Provides greater coverage where masks and shields do not.

▪️Added layer of adhesive keeps GantGuard in place, indoors or outside.

▪️Disposable cover that may help extend the life of your mask

▪️Patented non-toxic, non-irritating adhesive, leaves no residue.

▪️Perforated neck, becomes a tray cover for instruments or testing kits.

▪️Extra layer of protection that’s impervious to fluids produced by coughs and sneezes.

A link to a video to explain and show all the benefits >