New Gantik™ website launches

Our new website has launched and in time for Tissue World. We wanted to be as transparent as we possibly could in explaining every facet of Gantik™ in terms of the technology, the licensing, who we are and who we partnered with to bring you this revolutionary product. Not only that but we have given you a full list of market sectors we can service because our adhesive can be applied to a long list of products – and we are not limited to this.

We will be planning to keep you updated with the latest updates with our machines and adhesive, interesting news on our partnerships and general news in the industry itself.

If you are interested in Gantik™, we have a full resources centre with more in-depth detail on finances, legal and brand licensing. However, this is password protected and only accessible with login details that are supplied by Gantik™.

Without further ado, please take a look at our new website!